User defined variant


The x45e units is mainly set as standard functions via the wizard. But it is also possible to use the function unit as a generic control. In these cases the wizard could be used to set the unit to User defined. Then it is possible to go into the Advanced mode (Tools menu or CTRL + A)and set all parameters individually.

Function mode 

The Function mode parameter describes the group of functions the unit should act as.

1= Diverter 

2= Mergers & Combined Diverter/Mergers 

3 = Transfers & Stop units & Locating units 

4 = Postition mode (described in a separate article)

5 = Speed mode (described in a separate article)

Function parameter / value

The x45e function unit is continuously running a sequence with three different step (Preturn / During production (Turn) / Post Turn). At start up it is always passing an Init state. There are four different function parameters. They are controlling how the unit should behave in all four sequence steps mentioned above.


Some times the unit start to move directly when entering a new sequence state. But if wanted it could also be triggered by a defined condition. Typically it is a sensor event (Digital Input 1-4) or a PLC command (External command). The External command is the control bits sent from the PLC. (External command is described as the binary value of the control byte, 4 means the bits should be 0000 0100).

See User Documentation - Electrical System for deeper description.


The function unit could be set to either Clockwise or Counter Clockwise. In some case it could be set to both (CW/CCW). Then the Extra field contains a comment. 


The Destination is defining the target position for the movement. 

INA = Receive Angle 1

INB = Receive Angle 2

INC Receive Angle 3

OUTA = Release Angle 1

OUTB = Release Angle 2

WAA = Wait Angle 1

WAB = Wait Angle 2


The unit has two speed setpoint. They are mainly differed regarding if the guide disc is supposed to move a puck or rotate empty. In some variants the speed setpoint is filled in explicitly.


If a comment is needed the Extra field is used. 

Some variants have a built in delay:

  • Timer A is the timer used for During production (Turn).
  • Timer B is the timer used for Post Turn.
  • Timer E is the timer used for Pre Turn.


Merger & Combined Merger/Diverter

Transfers & Stop units & Locating units