Robot Config

How to upgrade Robot-Config


For updating robot-config application on Allen-Bradley or Siemens panel use Docker container Update Center service.

  • Open web browser at panel and visit page http://localhost:8225
  • Click Refresh button in menu bar
  • Click Update button against /robot-config application in the list


Use USB drive to download robot-config image and transfer it to a panel.

  • Get robot-config.tar archive with image

You may download archive file robot-config.tar prepared by FlexLink from Download center, or create archive yourself on your laptop if you have Docker installed. 

Optional: Create archive yourself To create archive robot-config.tar on your laptop, open console cmd.exe and run commands:

docker pull flsi/robot-config
docker save -o robot-config.tar flsi/robot-config
  • Copy robot-config.tar archive to USB drive
  • Plug in USB drive to robot panel, open windows command prompt cmd.exe and run commands:
cd <path to robot-config.tar on USB drive>
docker load -i robot-config.tar
  • Follow steps "Upgrade Robot-Config / Online"

How to extend robot-config licence

  • In Robot-Config click User icon in top-right corner, than select 'LICENSE', it will open license form:

  • Click 'Offline' and copy 'Hardware key' to clipboard. 
  • Contact to FlexLink support via e-mail or telephone, providing Hardware key you have copied. You will get License key you should write into 'License key' field in the form. 
  • Click button 'ACCEPT LICENSE'

Installation to production


Intallation scripts and instructions can be found in installation directory. 


After you have robot-config installed you need to install Container-Update application to make simple future update process Robot Allen-Bradley / Siemens panel:

  • Open windows command prompt cmd.exe and rum commands:
docker pull flsi/container-update:latest
docker run --name=container-update --net=controls --log-opt max-size=30m --restart=unless-stopped -l com.flexlink.container-update=true -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -it -p 8225:8225 -d flsi/container-update:latest
  • Check if Container-Update is up and running, open web browser and visit page http://localhost:8225