Keyboard shortcuts

Here's a list of shortcut key combinations in the Design Tool. 

Key combinationDescription
CTRL+NNew layout
CTRL+OOpen (File)
CTRL+SSave (or Save as)
DELDelete the selected components
Ctrl+CCopy the selected components
Ctrl+VPaste copies of the previous copied components
Ctrl+FFill view on all components
Ctrl+HChange build direction
Ctrl+Shift+RStart positioning tool
Ctrl+Shift+QQuick Adjust selected component
Ctrl+Shift+CConfigure selected component
Ctrl+Shift+ASelect whole conveyor for selected component
Ctrl+Shift+LStart Segments for selected conveyor
Ctrl+Shift+HToggle build handle visibility
Ctrl+Shift+GToggle lite geometry on components
Ctrl+Shift+DToggle build direction visibility

Keyboard shortcuts can also be seen when hovering the mouse over a menu item. If the menu item has a keyboard shortcut, then it will be shown: