Online Store settings

There are only a few settings that you can alter as a user in the Online Store. But they can have a huge effect on the behavior of the site. To access the settings, click on the Settings link found in the top left part of the site.

Currency format tells the site how to present numerical/currency texts (e.g. in the shopping cart).

Persistent product search makes the site save the last search term used in the product search. This allows you to go to the shopping cart and back without having to perform a new search for the same criteria as last time. However ; this also slows down the loading of the product search page (as it has to perform a new search each time entering the page).

Advanced user is primarily used in the product configurator. When checked the configurator will pre-select the default values for you. This speeds up the process of configuring an item. The drawback is that it's easier to make mistakes if you do not want the default values and you confirm them without actually understanding what you've just selected.

Default goods mark text if you enter a text here the Online Store will set this text by default in the checkout page. So if you have a text that you always use, enter it here.

The Save button saves the values on our server. Therefore the same settings apply no matter on which PC you use the Online Store.