Electrical frequency settings

Several types of components in a Design Tool layout have an electrical frequency property. This property has the value of either 50 Hz or 60 Hz and is set on layout level. It can't be set individually in the component property panel. The most common components that is affected by this setting is the drive units and pallet modules.

There are two different settings that can be used to work effectively and get the correct default electrical frequency:

  • Layout tab
  • Options menu

Layout tab frequency setting

Select frequency (50/60 Hz) in Layout tab -> Defaults group -> Frequency drop-down menu to set the default frequency for new components added to the layout.

This value is used in the configuration step of the components. All components in the layout must have the same frequency setting. It's not possible to to have mixed frequency settings in a layout. Components that don't match this setting have to be reconfigured and a error message is displayed in the Error message window. To avoid incorrect orders with awkward consequences.

Options menu frequency setting

Select frequency (50/60 Hz) in File tab -> Options menu -> FlexLink tab -> Default Frequency drop-down menu to set the default frequency for new layouts.

Click OK button.

The value in this drop-down menu is used as the default value in the Layout tab frequency setting (above) for all new layouts. If the Layout tab frequency setting in the current layout don't match the new setting, the user get the option to change it. However, reconfiguration of all affected components is necessary.

Note: This setting is reset when Reset configuration in the FlexLink Design Tool Utility is performed.