Drive Unit

Product Information XBEB A85

Product NumberXBEB A85Product Group / Product TypeX85 / CD01
NameEnd drive unit
DescriptionHPV-L-G-V6-29-WA30-MM07-50 Hz/380-500-C-P
UnitPCE ClassC
Weight15.0 kgCountry of originPoland

Speed & Motor Information

  • Actual max speed at 50 Hz                          29 m/min
  • Actual min speed at 10 Hz                           5.6 m/min
  • Actual chain pull                                           1205 N
  • Motor power                                                  0.75 kW
  • Motor Ampere                                               1.9 A
  • Brake                                                              No
  • Energy efficiency class                                IE3
  • Motor designation                                        DRN80M4
  • Motor family                                                  Movimot

For more information see X85 conveyor system and X85 MAINTENANCE MANUAL

Protective and safety devices

Safety devices should be checked at regular intervals.

  • Check the protective cover on the cleated chain conveyor return chain.
  • Drive units type H, have a slack protection for the conveyor chain. Check that the slack protection plates are in place, and that the chain does not slacken enough to hang below the plates.
  • Check the protective cover for the conveyor chain on intermediate drive units.
  • There may be other types of guarding which are specific to your installation, and these must also be checked. See the system documentation.