Export cart to file

There are three places inside the Online Store where you can export a shopping cart to file:

Order archive 

1. Find the order your looking for by searching for it.

2. Click on the order number.

3. At the top there's an export button.

Shopping cart

Above your list of products you'll find an export button.

Load cart page

You don't have to load the cart to export it, but please note that all prices in the export will be the prices valid at the time the cart was saved. If you want to make sure that the prices are current, load the cart and then press the Export button in the cart instead.

1. Click on Shopping cart

2. Click on Load

3. On the right side of each row you'll find an export icon

After depressing the export button you have to select which format you want to use:

Excel creates an XLSX file (Excel 2007 or higher) that contains all the products and their prices etc.

XML is a format that can also be used to import the data into an external system. The file is compatible with the Quotation Tool.
The XML format is only available to FlexLink internal users.

Automated integration with external systems

We can also supply you with an automated export function that will notify your middleware via mail whenever someone places an order in the Online Store. There's also web service methods that can be used to extract order data programmatically.

If you want to know more about these functions, use the support form on the left to contact us.