The order archive allows you to view and print invoices tied to your order. Only invoices tied to orders made online are available. Note that any changes made to the order after the order has been submitted will not be visible online. Hence the invoice value might not reflect the order value submitted online. 

You can view your last 100 invoices by selecting Invoices in the drop down (no need to press the search button, the result is loaded directly).

In the list presented you can either click on the order number to view the order or on the invoice number to view the invoice.

Some invoices presented might not be available and will generate an error page. Most of the time this is due to the fact that the invoice has been removed from our print system (due to the age of the invoice). Please contact customer support if you need to extract an invoice not found online.

You can also view an invoice tied to an order by searching for the order and then click on the order number.

The invoices are presented in the invoices section.

Click on the invoice number to generate the invoice document.