Understanding load and save

The load and save functions found in the Online Store cart are quite powerful and it's important that you understand how they work in order to take full benefit of them (and to prevent mistakes). There are some differences between user levels and if you're an FlexLink employee please also refer to this supplemental page for more information.


The save function allows you to save a shopping cart to be loaded at a later time. The cart is saved more or less indefinitely.

If your organization doesn't allow all employees to actually place the order (e.g. only the purchase department can place the order), someone who has a lower user level can create the shopping cart, save it and then later the purchase department loads the cart and submits the order.

This kind of setup needs to be catered for by your local FlexLink office, so please contact them if you have the need for this kind of behavior.

When you press the Save button for the first time you'll be shown a dialog.

Enter a unique name (purchase number etc.) and press Save, the dialog is closed and the cart is saved.

If you look at the cart you'll notice that the name is now displayed on top of the list of products. In the example below the name is "test".

If you press Save again the dialog appears with the current name already set. If you press the Save button in the dialog the saved cart will be updated with the content of your current cart. 

If you change the name to something else the cart will be saved using this name, and the old cart is kept.

Please note that if you create a blank cart and save it with the name of an existing cart, the existing cart will be overwritten.


Loading a cart is as easy as pressing the Load button in the shopping cart. You can load any cart created by any user in your company. If you have the ability to actually place an order is determined by your user credentials.

It's important to understand that if you load a cart that already has content in it, the cart being loaded will be merged with the content of the current cart. This also allows you to load the same cart more than once, so pay attention to the quantity per row before placing the order.

Change name

As the save function creates a new cart when you change the name in the pop up you need to go to the "Load cart" page to change the name of an existing cart (without creating a new one). Just click on the Load button and then the Edit icon to the right of the cart you want to edit.

Delete cart

You can also delete the whole cart through the "load cart" page.


Shift + Alt + S does the same as pressing the Save button

Shift + Alt + L takes you to the load cart page