WLX end drive unit J

The WLX end drive unit J is a combined end drive unit and idler end unit. A fixed connection makes it possible to quickly design and build a conveyor line without vertical or horizontal alignment. The J-drive is based upon the compact versions of the WLX drive/idler units. E.g. WLEBX A374 S + WLEJX 300A374 S.

Add J-drive to calculation

The WLX end drive unit J is not available as a component in FlexLink Calculation Tool. The solution is to virtually split the conveyor line into two separate conveyors, then create one tab for each conveyor and finally make two separate calculations. After the platform, chain and slide rail are selected in the Conveyor settings window the end drive unit and idler end unit (both compact units) are available in the Components window.

Import from FlexLink Design Tool and FlexLink Quotation Tool

When the Bill of Material is exported to FlexLink Calculation Tool the J-drive is split into two separate conveyor parts. One end drive unit and one idler end unit (both compact units). E.g. WLEBX0A374NLP S / WLEBX0A374NRP and WLEJX 300A374 S (for platform width 374 mm). The conveyor line is exported as two separate conveyors. Inside FLCT two separate tabs are created and the calculation is considered as two separate chain pull calculations.