Introduction and how to enable

Introduction to SAP mode

From version 2.3.3 Quotation Tool is able to fetch cost and sales price from SAP instead of Movex. SAP does not have the same price list structure as Movex so the integration between Quotation Tool and SAP is quite different than the Movex integration. Web Update in Quotation Tool will no longer download all price lists to your local database. Instead you will get price data live from SAP every time you run Price Update or add new FlexLink material to a quotation.

Note: This means that you will need an active internet connection when you create or update the contents of a quotation. You will still be able to open and view a quotation while your are offline.

How to enable SAP mode

Since version 3.0.0 of Quotation Tool there is a drop down called "FLQT mode" in logon dialog. Setting it to SAP means that price data will come from SAP instead of Movex.

You can also change mode in application settings (open via menu "Tools" -> "Settings"). This is useful if you have automatic log in so you don't see the logon dialog. In the section "Global Settings" you can find an option "Use sap". If set to false, price data will come from Movex. If you want to activate SAP mode and get price data from SAP do the following:

1. Change the setting "Use sap" to true
2. Run a full Web Update
3. Restart Quotation Tool

If you ever want to go back to using Movex again just do the same procedure one more time, but with "Use sap" set to false.

Main differences in SAP mode

No price lists

Since SAP does not have price lists it is no longer possible to change primary and secondary price list when you run Quotation Tool in SAP mode. Instead it is the customer number in combination with the sales organization that is the key to get correct cost and sales price from SAP. This means that it is very important to have the correct customer number and sales organization in the quotation.

Both fields (customer number and sales organization) will be populated when you use the customer search dialog to find a customer. If you see the same SAP customer number listed more than once in the search results, the reason is that the SAP customer is registered as a customer of more than one FlexLink sales organization. Please make sure that you select the correct sales organization for the quotation, e.g FDE1 if you are creating a quotation from a sales office in Germany.

Must be online for price data

As already mentioned price data (cost and sales price) is fetched live from SAP every time you add new FlexLink material to the quotation or when you run price update for FlexLink material. This means that you will always have the latest pricing in your quotation, even if you forget to run web update, but it also means that price update for a quotation with much FlexLink material can take a while. The reason why it can take long time is that Quotation Tool sends a price query to SAP for each product in the quotation. We hope to improve the performance of price update in a future version of Quotation Tool by adding a local cache for the SAP price data.