Configure CANOpen

Configure CANOpen workstep is used to set correct node ID's to the CANOpen devices on the module.

Happy path

  1. Commission the module and connect CAN connection to Workstation SCDC and 24 V power to the module
  2. When you select the correct module in the order items list FCT will start to scan for CANOpen devices
  3. In Action 1 table FCT will list required node ID's and active node ID's
  4. Serial number and node ID's shall be according to specification
  5. When all required node ID's have RESULT OK; you are done and you can confirm the setup

Trouble shooting

  • No active CANOpen devices are listed.
    • CANOpen connection is incorrect, check harness
    • All CANOpen devices have the same node ID; disconnect all but one and click on CHECK NODE ID
  • Less active CANOpen devices are listed than expected
    • Do Action 2 set the correct node ID to the active CANOpen device and click on CHECK NODE ID to find the next